It's a history born on success

The furniture manufacturers Zanzini started their activities in 1965 in the city of Dois Corregos, Sao Paulo State, after skills, determination and will of Oliver Zanzini and his wife Palmyra Benvenuto Zanzini.

Profile of the Organization

The Zanzini Furniture established itself in the Furniture Manufacturing Segment over 52 years ago, and in this period they built a reputation based on the credibility of their actions and in the quality of their products.




"We build for the comfort of the human being, through modern environmental solutions and application of adequate technology ."

Achievements and Certifications

The company's Quality Management System, certified according to ISO 9001:2015 standards – evaluated, implemented and controlled each...



Society and the Environment

Integration with the society and the environment

Aware of its role in the society and the straight connection between business excellency and life quality of the community...



Zanzini Furniture is 270 Km NW of the State's Capital – Sao Paulo City. Nearby are important State and there are large industrial and agricultural, served by major interstate and state highways, and railroads and the Tietê-Paraná Waterway.



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