The significant investments made for the expansion and optimization of Zanzini's production capacity resulted in a highly flexible and adequate production process, fitting for the market demands.




The Industrial process of the Zanzini Furniture is divided of the following form:

  1 Cut
The furniture are produced starting from raw or covered panels of agglomerated wood. In this stage, the panels are cut in agreement with the process of production of the product. The machines used in this process have German technology (Homag);
    4 Perforate 
Process to allow the future fixation of the parts and assembly of the piece of furniture;
  2 Painting
Every internal part of the products raisin for the process of special painting, to make uniform the patterns of colors. The machines used in this process have Italian technology (Cefla/Sorbini);
    5 Painting Impression
High technology of finish to guarantee the Maximum of shine and beauty to its products, interns and externs. Machines used in this process have Italian technology (Maclinea);
  3 Collage of Border
The borders, part of the process of finish of the piece of furniture, they cover exposed parts of the panel of agglomerated wood. The machines used in this process have German technology (Homag);
      6 Packing 
In this process, the piece of furniture and the packing are submitted the last inspection of quality of the production process. After receiving the cardboard packing, the products Mobile Zanzini receive a Second protection - the coating of the packing with shrink plastic.
The precision and quality of the products Zanzini and assured by the high technology of the machines and equipments of the production line and, also, for the several points of quality inspection during the process.



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